Friday, June 5, 2020

The Christian Family Singers :That City Of Gold

The Christian Family Singers
That City Of Gold

Side One - 28363

City Of Gold
The Light On The Shore
Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
Wash Your Brother's Feet
Strenght In The Lord

Side Two - 28364

Saved Thru Eternities Day
The Angels Will Stand By
Build My Mansion (Next Door To Jesus)
From Earth To Somewhere
Ole Country Baptiing
What Jesus Means To Me

Rose LP 760
The Christian Family Singers : Mitchell Jackson, his wife Wilma and Wilma's mother, Marie Lawless. All West Virginians by origin. Joined by Jack Williamson, bass guitar, Billy Stamper, piano and Gene Mack drums.

Country Gospel on Paul "Moon" Mullins' label.

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