Friday, March 13, 2020

The Minister and the Nuns

The Minister and the Nuns
(Rev. David Wayne Smith and the Congregation
of the Missionaries of Jesus the Crucified).

When The Heart Sings

Fé Records 1003

Side 1 [18215]

A Good Friendship
Don't Let Evil Win Out Over You
Read The Gospel
Hello! Hi There!

Side 2 [18216]

Yet The Sun Continues To Shine
A Little Bit Of Perfume
True Happiness
Life, Why're You Running
Your Smile


All selections written by Smith and Gomez copyrighted in Brazil

This record was made in Brazil by a group of six Brazilian Roman Catholic Nuns and an American Protestant Missionary.  The Rev. David Wayne Smith, a minister of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., who is interested in developing Christian leadership in Brazil, has been working there since 1963. Wayne is a former minister of South Charleston.

Musical arrangements : Maestro Pachequinho; Music and portuguese words : Sister Irene Gomez MJC, solo and duets : sister M. Auxiliadora Chaib, Sister Glaucia Balteriro MJC and the Rev. David Wayne Smith.  Producer Hugh McPherson

To purchase this record in the United States : Fé Records 1465 Bridge Road Charleston, West Virginia 25314

There was a Brazilian edition of this record.



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