Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Vera Bloom

Vera Bloom

 22881 - Now It's Raining  
22882 - Baby What You Want Me to Do

Arr by Sherry Taylor, produced by Scotty's studio

Vera Blum (or Bloom), country singer and musician (electric bass). She started playing music at age 14 and has played in several country bands since then. Vera says she “made a few records but did not have a hit. I used the name Marie Mills because they didn’t think Vera Blum would do anything for the public. Neither did Marie Mills.” Vera lives in Wright City and continues a busy musical career.

Vera Blum was, with Dennis Boren, the main stars of the Oran Brook's All-Star Midwest Opry at the end of the sixties. She still performs today in Missouri with the Silver Wings Band.

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