Monday, March 4, 2019

"The" Four Winds

"The" Four Winds

15771 – Hear The Sound
(Joe Keefe) Kennewick Pub. Co. (BMI)

15772 - The Enemy
(Ken Finley) Kennewick Pub. Co. (BMI)
Sound Recorded By
Box 591 Richland, Washington

Joe Keefe, Ken Finley, Sharon Scharnhorst & Julie O'Conner made up the 4 Winds.  
Joe teaches guitar in Kennewick and is married to Sharon Scharnhorst who is now a retired teacher from the Pasco district. Kenneth Finley is a minister in the Tacoma area. Julie is an artist who makes furniture out of tree branches & Patty is a teacher in California.

Joe and Ken used to play and sing at church and in Seekers (West Side United Protestant college and career age youth group with participants from most Richland churches)

Acknowledgements: Artifacts In Wax blog (who posted label shots and audio files)

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