Sunday, April 24, 2016

Velma Cross on Fine Art

Velma Cross, vocal

piano : Etta Jean Brazil
guitar : Leroy Collins

CP-3277 - He's A Terrible Blow
CP-3278 - Darling, I'm Hoping

Fine Art 214

Velma Cross
And Her High Steppers

James Cohen, Piano
Count Monty, Sax
Leo Johnson, Drums

CP-5481 -I'll Be Oh So Good
CP-5482 - He's My Daddy

Fine Art 222

Velma Cross was born in 1915, it is believed, in South Bend, Indiana.   No further records as Velma Cross are known.


  1. Fine Art (MI) 45 - 222 Velma Cross & her High Steppers - I'll Be Oh So Good (1961)
    if you want label shot pm in Dean

  2. sorry i ment mp3 file not label

  3. most enjoyable. thanks for uploading.