Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dennis Hunt and his Hunters

Dennis Hunt and  his Hunters

CP-2285 ~ A Story Untold
Hunt-Bonner Cedarwood Pub. BMI  45-DH11

CP-2286 ~ So Long, So Lonely, So Blue
Charles Pogue, Cedarwood Pub. BMI  45-DH12

Say Record Co. 11/12

The Hunters

It was a November night at The Gardens in Wichita, Kansas in 1959 that Eddie Cochran played his last one-nighter before leaving the U.S. on his final personal appearance tour.  "Somethin' Else" made it up to number three on KSIR, the local radio station.  Dennis Hunt, the local teen d.j. and rocker was a real Cochran fan.  He always sang Eddie's songs at the Saturday night sock hops and, as expected, he was the host on this night of the Eddie Cochran Show. Hunt, singing in a very Elvis-like style, entertained for approximately an hour before The Hollywood Swingers took over. 

Dennis Hunt moved to KIRL (St. Charles, Missouri) a station owned by Mary Pickford "The Biograph Girl" and her husband Buddy Rogers.  In 1965, he emceed at KLAS-TV (Las Vegas, Nevada). 

The Say single was his only release, but Mac Records from Belgium released "Rock My Baby / Dragon Fly", two unissued tracks in 1999.  Drummer Fred Bonner still plays jazz in Wichita.  He did a single in the 60s with "Buggy" Bumper and His Bad Blues Band featuring "Baby" : "Bumpy Blues" (Vantage Records #714)

Dennis Hunt, KIRL (1961)

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