Friday, January 1, 2016

B.B. Guns and Cannons

B.B. Guns and Cannons 
feat. Kathy Belanich and Andrea Nelson

KB 45001 — Santa, I've Been Good All Year (Kathy Belanich) /  Entrance RR-42396-A

KB 45002 — Do You Believe In Santa Claus   (Gordon Kjellberg  ) Exit RR-42396-B

Engineered by Gordon Kjellberg   

Killer Bullet Productions
© 1982 for Fire Records

Kathy Belanich, guitar, vocals, bells, crumar
Andre Nelson, clavinet
Michael Creary, bass
Martin Samuel, drums
Gordon Kjellberg guitars, bells, background vocals
Barry Kennely, bass, piano

Recorded at Studio1, West Seattle
Engineered/Mixed by Gordon Kjellberg
Jacket design by Kathy Belanich
Gordon Kjellberg played music since the mid-sixties and was a member of The Enchanters, The Liberty Party (Jerden Records),   Merrilee & the Turnabouts,  The Feelies   (Jerden Records),  Cherry Fizz,  Blue Mountain Eagle and The Rockets.

Kathy Belanich (now Kathy Childers) still plays music and is with the Seattle band  City Zu.  Occasionally Jerry Zu and Kathy Childers perform as a duo called the Magnetics and they do 60s tunes," the kind some of us remember from the KJR top 4o days when the music had a good beat  and you could dance to it."

Kathy (Belanich) Childers
A copy of this record including the picture sleeve autographed by Kathy Belanich is currently on sale here

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