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The Silver Heart Gospel Singers Of Indianapolis, Indiana

  The Silver Heart Gospel Singers Of Indianapolis, Indiana
Label : Executive

Side 1 [16691]
1. I'll Flay Away (Lead William Starks And Brenda Miles)
2. Throw Out The Lifeline (Lead Lillian Anderson And Robert Turner)
3. His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Lead Brenda Dobbins
4. Yield Not To Temptation (Lead Lillian Anderson And Robert Turner)
5. His Goodness To You (Lead William Starks)

Side 2 [16692]
1. You Brought Me (Lead Lillian Anderson)
2. Closer To Thee (Lead Brenda Miles)
3. Don't Leave Me (Lead Robert Turner)
4. He Knows (Lead William Starks)
5. A Few Of His Bessings To Me (Lead Sandra Johnson)

Recorded by Commerical Features, 1415 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis

Personnel : 
Sandra Johnson at the organ
John Bailey and Kenneth Collins at the piano
Robert L. Duckett Turner, arranger, composer and lead
Barbara Jean Adair, first soprano
Lillian Jean Anderson, second sopano and lead
Lillie Mae Farr, alto
Brenda Ann Dobbins, alto and lead
William Starks, tenor and lead

The Silver Heart Gospel Singers
Robert Turner and the Silver Heart Gospel Singers represent some of Indiana's finest traditional gospel. Formed in 1960 by then fifteen year old Robert Turner, the Silver Hearts have grown into an Indianapolis institution, singing at churches, church reunions, and community gatherings all over the region and organizing an over forty year old annual city-wide Gospel Extravaganza. Robert Turner sang his first solo, "Let God Abide" at four years of age, standing on a chair in front of his church, the Metropolitan Baptist Church. He joined the church's traveling choir at age 10, and in 1958 he heard the Clara Ward Singers at the Bible Way Baptist Church just around the corner from his home. Inspiration for the Silver Hearts was born on that night. Turner recalls his reaction to the Clara Ward Singers: "Five ladies, fabulous gowns, the music was piano and organ instead of the quartet/guitar sound I'd been raised on and it was like, 'WOW!'"

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