Sunday, February 15, 2015

Levinsky Allen on Vital

Levinsky Allen

CP-3845 ~ Layed Off
L.Allen, Gyro Music BMI

CP-3846 ~  Couldn't Be Done 
L.Allen, Gyro Music BMI
VITAL 321-1
873 Beecher St., Cincinnati, Ohio
A division of Vital Enterprises

Billboard, June 27, 1960

Levinsky Allen was possibly one of the co-writers of a song called “What Goes Around Comes Around” recorded by Michael Jackson.

According to Arthur “Hakim” Stokes, another co-writer of the song :
  "Hal Davis, who has passed on, was from Cincinnati. He was also the Jackson Five’s producer. We had written a song called “What Goes Around Comes Around”. Hal had come to Dayton through a mutual friend, Levinsky Allen. He heard it, liked it, and ended up recording it for Michael Jackson on his Ben  album in 1972"
See Monotrematous Funk: An Interview with Platypus by Christian John Wikane here

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