Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sib Galloway And The Harmonettes

Sib Galloway And The Harmonettes
EP  "Close To The Master "

16117 - I'm Nearer Home / Close To The Master
16118 - He'll Understand And Say Well Done/ The Highest Hill
Halo CREP-2031



The CREP prefix in the catalog number denotes probably a Carolina Custom recording studio.  But I've not still determined if it's from the North Carolina or from the South.

I have a short list a three earlier records with the same CREP prefix :
  • Klub CREP-2001 The Rhythm Ranch Hands
  • Hollifield CREP 2005 (EP) Hollifield Trio
  • Ranch 1574 CREP-2016 Shirley Ann & Hillbilly John Of The Dixie Ramblers

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