Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rev. Archie Clatterbuck

Rev. Archie Clatterbuck

33679 - I'll Fly Away
(A.E. Brumley, SESAC)

33680 - Sweet By And By
(Starday-York BMI)


This is Archie E Clatterbuck (1916-1997) from Rappahannock County, Virginia.  A pentecostal pastor, he was heard with his Gospel Singers on Big K Radio (WKCW, Warrenton Virginia)

Prayer Meeting Time for Archie Clatterbuck


  1. How do I order a copy of this? Rev. Clatterbuck was my Uncle Archie. Thank you.

  2. Neither of those men in the picture are Bro. Clatterbuck. Why? Bro. Archie only had one hand! I knew Bro. Clatterbuck from 1987 pretty well till his death in 1997. The man with the moustache looks like the late Bro. Jimmie Pittman. So which one is singing on the CD?
    By the way I did pastor one of the churches Bro. Archie used to pastor. The Gid Brown Hollow PENTECOSTAL Church. I pastored it from 1989 to 2000.
    I wonder if anyone would by any chance have recordings of Bro. Clatterbuck's radio broadcast on Big K. He was on it for approximately 30 years.

  3. The picture is NOT of the late Archie Clatterbuck. Archie had only one hand!
    The man with the moustache is the late Jimmy Pittman. I don't know who the other man is.
    I knew Bro. Archie the last ten years of his life and I do remember he had only one hand!
    I onetime pastored a church Bro. Clatterbuck had. Gid Brown Hollow PENTECOSTAL Church. I pastored there from 1989 to 2000!