Monday, September 9, 2013

"Skip" Connors on Circo

"Skip" Connors

16643 ~ White Rose
16644 ~ Hearts Win You Lose

Circo Records 102

A Product Of Stereophonics Corp.
New Bedford, Mass.


Stereophonics was owned and managed by W Edward Metcalf.  Sound engineer (and also acting as producer) was Carl German. From 1966 to 1966, some 50 singles were issued on Circo and Arco, two labels who shared the same numerical series.

In 1968, Stereophonics was renamed Metcalf Recording Studios with records issued unto the seventies on labels such Sadbird and Laurel.

Arco/Circo discography (45s only, but at least one LP was issued : "Fabulous New Organ Sounds of Dave ' Mr Talent'  Fredericks".

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  1. My Father was Carl German who built and owned Stereophonics until it had a fire and burnt down. I remember it as a sad day for my Dad. I still play the first album done by my Dad "I'll Remember Rienhart" by Tony Pacheco. One of the best ever! My brother and I help break a part a Steinway Grand Piano. He was a good & funny man. He passed away in 1978. I still love him dearly. Son/ Steven. Nashville, TN