Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dabbie Kaye on Cabut

Dabbie Kaye and The Original Road Rangers

24445 - The Third Man
24446 - Satisfied

Cabut 1015

8 Mohican St.
Shelby, Ohio


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  1. Wonder if this is the same label David Allan Coe mentions below? He was from Ohio and incarcerated in the prison system there so it makes sense.

    "The first time I saw a 45-record with my name on it I thought I'd made it. It was on Cabut Records in 1968. There was a blind man that had a little studio in his garage that I cut the record in. It was called A Prisoner's Release backed with A One Way Ticket To Nashville. To be able to actually see that record and hear it on the radio -- nothing has ever surpassed that feeling of having gotten out of prison and being able to do that."

    Is Dabbie actually Debbie misspelled. I wonder