Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ralph Studer with the Dixie Drifters

Ralph Studer with the Dixie Drifters

CP-6517 - Just Me and My Aching Heart
CP-6518 - I'm Heartbroken (Mildred O. Kish)


[Grand Rapids, OH]

Ralph Raymond Studer (1929-1995) was a farmer, factory worker and musician. Thus are the meager details gathered from a genealogy website.

Composer of the B-side, Mildred Oretta Kish (born Studer) was Ralph's sister. More details are found here.

Ms. Kish was born in Waterville in 1919 to Asher and Carrie Studer. She and her husband ran a grain mill in Grand Rapids. She died in 2006.


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