Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nancy Vee on Blue Diamond

Nancy Vee

37357 - My White Christmas Has Turned Blue
(Nancy Valykeo, JoCher Music Co. BMI,

37358 - Country Christmas Rock.

Blue Diamond 766

Canonsburg, Pa. - Nashville, Tenn.

Produced by Joe Diamond



Currently offered at eBay HERE (auction has sound clip). Searching Google with "Blue Diamond" and "Nancy Vee" gives unfortunately (?) much X-rated links as results, Nancy Vee being also apparently the name of some porn star of today. Talk about data pollution...

Joe Diamond had a recording studio in Canonsburg, Pa. He had also a country rock band and recorded himself for his own label. The online BMI database gives the name of Joe Di Pippa as the contact of JoCher Music Co. and this is almost certainly the real name of Joe Diamond.


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  1. Betting Nanacy Vee is Nanacy Valykeo. No porn on that search, but didn't really produce anything