Monday, May 16, 2011

Lynn Ready on Cowtown

Lynn Ready

Cowtown 809

CP-6453 ~ Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated Quick Dissolving,
Fast Acting, Pleasant Tasting, Green And Purple Pills

(Ray Stevens)
CP-6454 ~ Rhythmin-Him (John Steagerman)


Avery, Texas

Lynn Ready
(picture Mickey Mouse Club Show)

From the Mickey Mouse Club Show :

A third season replacement, Lynn had already appeared on television before joining the Mickey Mouse Club. Lynn got to perform on both the Mouseketeer segments and in a serial. After leaving the show, he continued in show business for a number of years as an actor, singer and musician.

Born Lowrey Lynn Ready to Robert and Myrtle Ready, in Dallas, Texas, he began dancing and singing lessons at an early age, and soon was winning amateur contests in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas. Lynn, who was always billed by his middle name, sang on local radio and television shows from age three on, and later learned to play piano and the steel guitar. Lynn's first professional engagement was in February 1957, on a local Dallas television program, The Curt Massey Show. Shortly afterwards, Lynn took part in a regional audition for replacement Mouseketeers, and became the only Mouseketeer ever hired whose family wasn't already living in California. (...)

Before the Cowtown release, there was one song on the Air label (EP), "A Night For Love" in 1959 and a release on the Spin label in 1960 ("Pogo Stick", picture above).

These three labels (Air, Spin and Cowtown) are all listed in the Phil Milstein' Song-Poem Discographies.

Lynn Ready was later member in 1965-1966 of the Bostweeds on the Chattahoochee label and on a one-sided record for Eve Productions with a song featured in the Russ Meyer movie "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!".

And he was one of the Teddy Neeley Five LP on Capitol in 1966.



  1. You seem to have posted the a side on divishare twice?
    Would love to here the B side. Cheers Drunk

  2. Thanks to have spotted my mistake. You can hear the b-side now.


  3. Pills is killer, I gotta look out for these

  4. Plus "I'M WHIPPIN' UP A LITTLE LOVE" on the Valley Recording Service label. Flip is by Cora Stewart. Both singers accompanied by The Overtones.

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