Saturday, March 5, 2011

Betty Van on Clay

Betty Van

Clay Recording Co.
P.O. Box 1683
Cahokia, Illinois

21723 - Lovin’
21724 - Picking Up The Pieces Of My Heart
(Betty Van, Country Stream BMI)


Country record on a Cahokia, Illinois label located very closely to East St. Louis (and for that matter, where was located the Country Stream publishing company).

According to Wikipedia, "Cahokia is home to Galactic Imperial Garbage Processing, a waste production and distribution facility."

A waste producer myself (with moderate output however, I can assure you), I didn't think until now to find myself a pseudonym.




  1. I show the publisher on this one as Tony Mazzola Country Stream Publishing Company. He seems to show up numerous times on the site, what more info do you have on him?
    Looks like Betty also did a Vietnam War song on Clay called "War Resembling Hell" has anybody ever heard that one?

  2. Sorry, I known nothing more about Tony Mottola or about Betty.