Monday, February 21, 2011

Charlie Feathers on Vetco

Vetco 921
5825 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio

37471 - Will You Be Satisfied That Way (Jimmie Skinner)
37472 - It's Just That Song (Raymon Maupin)

Vetco 922
5825 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio

37473 - We're Getting Closer (Charlie Feathers)
37474 - You Make It Look So Easy

"Vetco Records, a Cincinnati label started in the late 1960s by Lou Ukelson, was housed in the Jimmie Skinner Music Center on Vine Street. The label started out with some old-time music reissues, but it became better known for its albums by young Ohio bands like the Hotmud Family, Hutchison Brothers, Falls City Ramblers and Katie Laur Band and by older mainstream bluegrass artists like Mac Wiseman, Charlie Moore, Earl Taylor, Jim McCall and Paul “Moon” Mullins."

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  1. Charlie and his family band came to Cincinnati around 1977 after recording these sides for Lou Ukelson and played a bar in Corryville (right across from University of Cincinnati) called Dollar Bill's saloon. I was there along with about maybe 20 other people. It was a great night, Charlie autographed these 45's of mine and couldn't have been nicer. Oh yeah the band was cooking!!.They rocked the old stuff along with his new vetco releases. Stuttering cindy was memorable. Charlie is missed!