Monday, January 17, 2011

Hallmark 15389-15390

Bob Storm
Musical Director Jerry Dee


15389 - Stop Growling At Me Babe
(Lon Streater - Ted Rosen)

15390 - My Love Is Yours
(Pedro Medalle - Ted Rosen)

One of the latest offerings of Bob Purse found at his blog, dedicated to song-poem records. I can't find a thing on Lon Streater, writer of the A-side, but Pedro C. Medalle's works were sung by Terry Allen & The Flappers (Zoot Suits, Preview Records), Rodd Keith (Yellow Bag , Preview Records), Billy Joy (It Was My song, MSR Records) and Patty Wheeler (Herbie Derby, Abbey Records)

"..this is one of the logos (the label used a few) in which Halmark (the most common spelling on their records) used the correct spelling of the word, with two "l's".


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