Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Youngblood Sisters on Process

The Youngblood Sisters

Process 134

13597 - Why Send You the Pillow That I Dream On

13598 ~ Why A Crash Made An Orphan Just Now


Country. Answer to Hank Locklin's song on A-side and a quite depressing original on B-side.

If your day has started not too bad until now, I STRONGLY discouraged you to listen to the audio samples.

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Sarah May and Marlene Ann Youngblood were a regular act at a country music show presented each Sunday by Mel Reeder at Pine Hedge Ranch Park, Franklin, Pa., along with Charlie McVae and Lonnie Weldon and the Lone Pine boys, Mickey Rubin and Skeets Martin, Mabelene Baker and Cowboy Howard Vokes. (Billboard, July
4, 1960)

Audio samples : eBay (colnel)


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