Friday, August 6, 2010

Norm Burns (Sterling 336)

Lew Tobin’s Orchestra
Vocal : Norman Burns

Sterling 336

14415 – A Moment of Happiness (Marin H. Gonzalez & Lew Tobin)
14416 – Seaman Blues (Hattie Clayton Fields)


Source: The Wonderful and the Obscure

"cucurucucu paloma is one of the sadest songs in our latin language,i have been asked to try and translate the mening to the inglish language ,it is not easy,but i think i have come close,it is a hard song for me to sing ,but i did the best that i can,i hope some boby likes it.marin"

My intuition is that is the same Marin Gonzalez who is the writer of the Sterling A-side.


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