Thursday, September 23, 2021

Brendan Hanlon and the Bat Men


Brendan Hanlon and the Bat Men

13419 - Christmas Alphabet
(Buddy Kaye-Jules Loman, Budd Music ASCAP)

13450 - Christmas Party
(Hank Levy-Brendan Hanlon, Welz Music ASCAP)

Directed by Will Taylor
Produced by John A'Hern & Joey Welz

Bat Records 2203 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, MD
Another Fly By Night Recording


After this first obscure single, Brendan Hanlon managed to have three singles on the major Columbia Records in 1967.  In 1973 with Oatis Stephens (who played in Hair, the Broadway show) he authored the song "Ketchup, Indiana, Blues" which paid the rent for eight months.

Native of Boston, Brendan Hanlon studied theatre at Emerson College and, as a graduate student, at Smith College. Thereafter he had a varied career in show business: ballyhooing, clowning, acting in regional theatre for five years as well in television and clubs.

A serious actor with a remarkable record of experience in the regional theaters of America, Brendan was just as proud of his achievements as a clown. As Hobo The Clown he was one of The Agony Trio at Pleasure Island, a Massachusetts amusement park)  Also in clown white, Brendan has made appearances with the Lone Ranger, Lassie and other personalities and has been a frequent visitor on TV variety shows.

He has been a member of the resident companies at Philadelphia's Theatre of the Living Arts, Washington's own Arena Stage and Boston's Charles Playhouse.  His last off Broadway show persuaded him to seek a less tenous life and started a new career of private tax preparer, specializing in the performing arts.  He wrote "The New Tax Guide for Performers, Writers, Directors, Designers and Other Show Biz Folk."

He died of cardiac arrest in Marshfield, Massachusetts, on January 2, 1999. He was 62. 

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