Friday, April 16, 2021

Bill and Wilma Millsaps and the Snowbird Mtn. Boys


Bill and Wilma Millsaps
and the Snowbird Mtn. Boys

31929 - Mule Skinner
31930 - Snowbird Mtn.

IDA Records
P.O. Box 85 Robbinsville, NC

On the record is their part-time bass player Jake Tullock, formerly with Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs for many years

Bill Millsaps is a distant relative of Daniel Boone. He previously worked with Carl Story, Kenny Baker and Josh Graves. Began performing with Wilma shortly after their marriage in 1967. Formed the Snowbird Mountain Boys in 1969, then the Snowbird Mountain Trio.  Snowbird Mountain is an actual mountain on the North Carolina-Tennessee state line (just below the Smokies).

Bill & Wilma Millsaps discography

Acknowledgments : Martin Hall (YouTube)

Also on the same label in 1973 :
Bill and Wilma Millsaps
and the Snowbird Mtn. Boys : In The Pines / Bluebirds Singing For Me (Rite 32241/2)

Ralston (Bowles) on Sound


27643 - Thankful
27644 - Realization
SCR 114
Sound Associates
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Born in 1952, Ralston Bowles is today often referred to as the godfather of West Michigan's acoustic music scene. His songwriting has been lauded and awarded. He has opened for Shawn Colvin, T Bone Burnett, Arlo Guthrie and for Bob Dylan at the Rothbury music festival.



Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tall Tonio And The Mello-Dee's


Tall Tonio And The Mello-Dee's

CP-2199 - Ten-Reasons
W. Stevenson, F. Brown, T. Clark        

CP-2200 - Hot-Rod-Car    
W. Stevenson, F. Brown, T. Clark, Stebro Pub. Co. (BMI)

Stepp 235x45
Rite numbers are in the dead wax

Tony Clarke Chess promo picture

Tall Tonio is Tony Clarke. His first record on the tiny Stepp label owned by Mickey Stevenson

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Dannie Maness on Hornet Records



CP-2937 – Hobo Bill

CP-2938 - Traveling blues

Hornet RH-503


Label owned by Howard Rambeau, Durham, North Carolina

The Knight Bros.(Mt. Airy, Maryland)


The Knight Bros.

18603 - I Wouldn't Take Nothing (For My Journey Now)  / Victory At Calvary
18604 - Another Hill / Satan Must Get Along Without Me

K B Records
Route No 3 Box 16 Mt. Airy, Maryland

Source of audio : Cheesebrewwaxarchive (YT)

John Reedy 502


John Reedy And His Stone Mountain Trio
Vocal by John and Francis Reedy

CP-4759  - Oh, Death
CP-4760 -  Driftwood

See Remembering the Reedys: Appalachian Music, Migration, & Memory


Bluegrass Ramblers on Trepur


Bluegrass Ramblers

11809 ~ I'll Get There On Time
J.C. pee wee Davis
Solo: Bruce Jones

11810 ~ Ringin' "5"
Hubert Davis
Instrumental pee wee & Hubert Davis

Trepur 1018

Source : Martin Hall (YouTube)

Friday, June 5, 2020

The Christian Family Singers :That City Of Gold

The Christian Family Singers
That City Of Gold

Side One - 28363

City Of Gold
The Light On The Shore
Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
Wash Your Brother's Feet
Strenght In The Lord

Side Two - 28364

Saved Thru Eternities Day
The Angels Will Stand By
Build My Mansion (Next Door To Jesus)
From Earth To Somewhere
Ole Country Baptiing
What Jesus Means To Me

Rose LP 760
The Christian Family Singers : Mitchell Jackson, his wife Wilma and Wilma's mother, Marie Lawless. All West Virginians by origin. Joined by Jack Williamson, bass guitar, Billy Stamper, piano and Gene Mack drums.

Country Gospel on Paul "Moon" Mullins' label.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Al Waslon Trio (Alda LP)

Al Waslon Trio

The Many Moods Of The Al Waslon Trio

A1 Lazy River  2:13
A2  Cameo  2:46
A3  World On A String  2:57
A4  Sing Me No Sad Songs  2:15
A5  Yes Sir, That's My Baby  2:07
A6  What Is This Thing Called Love  2:15

B1  Satin Doll  2:41
B2  Memories Of You  3:14
B3  Limehouse Blues  3:16
B4  Misty  3:48
B5  Peanuts  2:51
    Recorded At – Musicol

    Bass – Joe Schmalz
    Drums – Ed Knill
    Piano – Al Waslon

Alda ARLP 1001 [HR 1127]

ebay (with audio clip) (The Beggar's Tomb Records)

Kirk Family (Jewel Records)

Kirk Family


One Day At A Time
A Song Holly Angels Cannot Sing
I've Come To Far To Look Back
When I Wake Up To Sleep No More
Whisper Jesus

One More River
I Believe He Died For Me
I's Worth It All
Lord Stay Near To Me
Ready To Leave

Jewel LPS 515

The Kirk Family : Steve & Kathy Thomas, Betty Roberts, Jim Kirk, Larry Henderson and John Chamblin

Musicians :
piano — Kathy Thomas, 
bass — Steve Thomas 
Drums —John Chamblin 
Steel guitar — Chuck Rich, 
lead guitar —Eddie Drake

Thanks to The Good, Bad & Ugly Gospel Record Barn

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Lance Appleton : Harp Warming

Lance Appleton

LP : Harp Warming

Side 1 (39525)
A1     I've Got My Feet On The Rock And My Name On The Roll
A2     Harp Warning (for Earl Smith wherever you are)
A3     Father, Let Them All Be One
A4     Hey Sad Stranger  

Side 2 (39526)
B1     Swing Low Sweet Chariot
B2     Lighthouse 
B3     Listen To The Voice
B4     You've Got To Be A Baby
B5     Soon And Very Soon    
B6     King Jesus Is All

Lance Appleton (vocals, harp & flute), Merna Appleton (vocals), Crista Joy Appleton (vocals), Jr. Bennett (fiddle) , Chuck Rich (pedal steel & dobro) , Dan Burton (piano, rhythm guitar) , Gary Smith (lead guitar), Dennis Herrell (bass guiar) Tim Short (drums) Phil Burkhardt recording engineer, Dan Burton & Lance Appleton (remixing engineers)  
Lance Appleton Rt. 4, Box 225, Columbia, Missouri

Thanks to Discogs and to ThriftStoreVinyl (YT)

May Redding (Ronnie 2282)

May Redding

28123 - My Baby's Got It
(Willie Evans, Winslow Music ASCAP)
28124 - ?                          

Ronnie 2282

Distributed By Paragon Productions
1265 Broadway New York


Bob Rayford (Bango Records)

Bob Rayford
Landis Brady & His Tel-Stars

9601 ~ I’m Going To Pay You Back Baby
9602 ~ I’ve A Got A Notion Blues

Bango 504


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The M'Pax

The M'Pax

26581 - Mistakes
Larry Childers & Alan Gabbard / Jimmy Price Music Pub. (BMI)

26582 - Can’t Bear the Thought
Larry Childers & Alan Gabbard / Jimmy Price Music Pub. (BMI)

Sun-Ray SR 144

Previously undocumented. Found here (plenty of info about this band from Lexington, Kentucky). Has link to audio of both sides.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

E.J. Lunsford & The Gospel Four

E.J. Lunsford & The Gospel Four

30951--Crossing Over Jordan / I'm Headed Home
30952 - Oh What A Happy Day / Since He Gave Me This Heart Of Love

Gale Records EP

Gospel Rec. Studio
222 E. 3rd St. London, Ky.
Manager & director Ray Hoskins; engineer Merle Gabbard
Label & audio file from ebay HERE

This fill in a blank between the Tim Petersen album "King Is Coming" (30949/30950) and the Philmore Sound single by Joy Incorporated (30953/30954)

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Lucky Look on Noray

Lucky Look

27181 - I Hear Voices
21782 - The Pace Is Slow

One of his earliest record not listed in this discography

Lucky Look on the cover of "Last Call", a Music City album
Orville “Lucky” R. Look  passed away on May 20, 2019 after an extended period of ill health. Born in Whiting, Maine, Lucky spent his childhood in Maine before heading out to pursue a musical career in country music. He wrote and recorded several albums, and played in night clubs throughout New England. In his earlier years, he appeared on the Wheeling Jamboree in Wheeling, West Virginia. Lucky served in the Korean War (1953-1955), and was a life time member of the American Legion Post 9 in Machias, Maine.

*Audio file & label from ebay (record on sale); album cover from Discogs; bio from his obituary

Friday, March 13, 2020

The Minister and the Nuns

The Minister and the Nuns
(Rev. David Wayne Smith and the Congregation
of the Missionaries of Jesus the Crucified).

When The Heart Sings

Fé Records 1003

Side 1 [18215]

A Good Friendship
Don't Let Evil Win Out Over You
Read The Gospel
Hello! Hi There!

Side 2 [18216]

Yet The Sun Continues To Shine
A Little Bit Of Perfume
True Happiness
Life, Why're You Running
Your Smile


All selections written by Smith and Gomez copyrighted in Brazil

This record was made in Brazil by a group of six Brazilian Roman Catholic Nuns and an American Protestant Missionary.  The Rev. David Wayne Smith, a minister of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., who is interested in developing Christian leadership in Brazil, has been working there since 1963. Wayne is a former minister of South Charleston.

Musical arrangements : Maestro Pachequinho; Music and portuguese words : Sister Irene Gomez MJC, solo and duets : sister M. Auxiliadora Chaib, Sister Glaucia Balteriro MJC and the Rev. David Wayne Smith.  Producer Hugh McPherson

To purchase this record in the United States : Fé Records 1465 Bridge Road Charleston, West Virginia 25314

There was a Brazilian edition of this record.