Saturday, October 8, 2022

The Congo Song (Caveman Records)


8341 - Jeff Samson and the Western Band
Weary River
8342 - Vocal by Rod Barton and the Congolese
The Congo Song

Caveman Records

Both songs writtent by Ned Williams, published by Active Music (ASCAP). Audio files and images found here


Bobby Lee Trammell (Atlanta Records, LP)


Bobby Lee Trammell
Arkansas Twist
Atlanta LPM 1503
Distributed by Sanwayne Records

Dead wax info :
Side 1 Etched ): RITE 989 9575-2 ATLANTA LP A #1
Side 2 Etched ): RITE 1027 9576 ATLANTA 1503 B #1

For info, track listing & images, see discogs

Quite unusual : two different Rite account numbers on A and B sides

Tuesday, August 30, 2022


The Alexander Family With The Happyland Trio
Far Far Away

Harp Records

A1        Far Far Way
A2        The Great Gilted Hall
A3        Give Me Faith
A4        Traveling The Highway Home
A5        Crying Holy Unto The Lord
A6        Shutin Prayer

B1        Satan Is Real
B2        Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side
B3        Preach The Gospel
B4        A Million Years In Glory
B5        Let Me Walk With You Jesus
B6        Be Careful Of Stones You Throw

Dallas Alexander with children Dallas Jr., Elsie, Ronald and Linda, age 7 does the recitation on two songs. Dallas Alexander was born in Jackson County, Kentucky. Started playing guitar at the age of 14, playing at Renfro Valley and other radio stations in Kentucky. Moved to Ohio in 1954.


The Happyland Trio : Ron Caddell of Norwood, Ohio, Albert Fox of Norwood, Ohio and Charlie Chamberlin, all born in Kentucky.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

WAOK Gospel Caravan


From 1964. There is no artist credited or track list on labels, but photo of Brother Esmond Patterson, host of the Gospel Caravan, is indeed on the cover.  According to discogs, "RITE 1367 12919 Curtom" can be found in dead wax. Did Curtis Mayfield had some involvement in this release?  But in 1964 he was still in Chicago and came later to Atlanta. Who knows?

Anyway, presumably, it's quite probable that is the same LP which was nationally re-issued in 1965 by Savoy Records with, this time, artists duly credited (see below). Tracks in the zipped file (see bottom of this page) are from the Savoy release.

Gospel Caravan on Hallelujah


Gospel Caravan
[no artist credited]

13433 - Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross (Traditional)
13434 - Gilmer's Prayer (Willie Gilmer)



Bro. Esmond Patterson was a Gospel music radio host and concert promoter in Atlanta, Georgia. Known for his signature attire, the tuxedo, Bro. Esmond Patterson gave many local and national gospel artists an opportunity to sing and minister on his monthly concert series, The Gospel Caravan. The Caravan would be held in various churches on the first Monday of each month for some 40 plus years.

The singer here is Willie Gilmer (uncredited). Both tracks were issued in 1965 by Savoy Records. Rev. Willie M. Gilmer (1928-2009) was an Atlanta-area gospel singer and preacher. See 45cat
Earlier in 1964, Esmond Patterson produced another Gospel Caravan with 8 tracks from various artists. See next post.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Brosh BR-600 (Plus 2)


Brosh BR-600 (Plus 2)


Kris Arden

Ring Out Sweet Bells Of Christmas 
(Amanda Greiber)

Cara Stewart
Can You Be The Same Again
(Christy Angel)


Lonnie & Angels
Never Again

Cara Stewart
For You

Brosh Records, 3223 W. Birchwood Ave., Milwaukee 21, Wisc.,


Details of copyright as follows:

  • RING OUT SWEET BELLS OF CHRISTMAS; w, m & © Amanda Emma Greiber; 8 Nov 54
  • CAN YOU BE THE SAME AGAIN w & m Christy Angel . © Christy Angel ; 28 Feb 61; EU659983 .
  • NEVER AGAIN ; w Donald Lynn , m Joe Pennypacker . © Donald R. Lynn ; 15 0ct 61 ; EP156706 .
  • FOR YOU ; w Jake Brosh , m Bob Carleton , arr . Nordyke Music Pub . Co. Nordyke . NM : piano arr . & acc . © Jake Brosh ; 27 Jan 59 ; EP127920 .
    FOR YOU ; m Robert Louis Carleton W & © Jake Brosh 14 Feb50 EU193662

Acknowlegement : Mildew's Moldy Music @ YouTube

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Brendan Hanlon and the Bat Men


Brendan Hanlon and the Bat Men

13419 - Christmas Alphabet
(Buddy Kaye-Jules Loman, Budd Music ASCAP)

13450 - Christmas Party
(Hank Levy-Brendan Hanlon, Welz Music ASCAP)

Directed by Will Taylor
Produced by John A'Hern & Joey Welz

Bat Records 2203 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, MD
Another Fly By Night Recording


After this first obscure single, Brendan Hanlon managed to have three singles on the major Columbia Records in 1967.  In 1973 with Oatis Stephens (who played in Hair, the Broadway show) he authored the song "Ketchup, Indiana, Blues" which paid the rent for eight months.

Native of Boston, Brendan Hanlon studied theatre at Emerson College and, as a graduate student, at Smith College. Thereafter he had a varied career in show business: ballyhooing, clowning, acting in regional theatre for five years as well in television and clubs.

A serious actor with a remarkable record of experience in the regional theaters of America, Brendan was just as proud of his achievements as a clown. As Hobo The Clown he was one of The Agony Trio at Pleasure Island, a Massachusetts amusement park)  Also in clown white, Brendan has made appearances with the Lone Ranger, Lassie and other personalities and has been a frequent visitor on TV variety shows.

He has been a member of the resident companies at Philadelphia's Theatre of the Living Arts, Washington's own Arena Stage and Boston's Charles Playhouse.  His last off Broadway show persuaded him to seek a less tenous life and started a new career of private tax preparer, specializing in the performing arts.  He wrote "The New Tax Guide for Performers, Writers, Directors, Designers and Other Show Biz Folk."

He died of cardiac arrest in Marshfield, Massachusetts, on January 2, 1999. He was 62. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Brosh EP BR-1200

Brosh BR-1200

24149  - Sammy Marshall - Chimes Of Heaven (Anna Smith) / Cara Stewart - Dance With Me (H.P. Reddick)

24150 - Cara Stewart - Love What Is It All About (Pantano-Cain) / Cara Stewart - I'm Coming Home To You (Pantano-Marsh-Lee)

Brosh Records
14 Walnut Street, Carpentersville IL

Note: Bonnie And Nita also recorded Herman Reddick's "Dance With Me" (Preview #1413)

Acknowledgement: Mark Lee Allen (YouTube)

Monday, September 20, 2021

The Sensational Williams Bros. feat. Douglas Williams and Henry Green on lead


The Sensational Williams Bros.

Lead Douglas Williams (Age 11) and the Sensational Williams Bros.
22071 - To Heaven (Charles Gayden)

Lead Henry Green and the Sensational Williams Bros.
22072 -- I Thank The Lord (Leon Williams-Thomas Bonds)

Delta 45-242/45-243
Delta Records Custom Dept.
1653 Raymond Rd., Jackson, Miss. 39204

Williams Brothers (from the back cover
of their half-album on Song Bird, 1972)

Following info is from the Malaco website :

 A quartet noted for being among the first, if not the first, to infuse elements of contemporary gospel into the quartet tradition, the Williams Brothers was formed in Smithdale, Mississippi, in 1960 by family patriarch Leon “Pop” Williams. Pop, a quartet singer, overheard his young children singing in the backyard and thought they could make a go of it as a gospel group. Said their mother, Amanda, “[The children] would have church in the backyard and they would have broken brooms as microphones.”

Originally known as the Little Williams Brothers, the early aggregation included sons Leonard, Douglas and Melvin Williams, and non-family member Henry Green. Pop recruited Green after hearing him sing at a Liberty, Mississippi, church. Under Pop’s tutelage, the Little Williams Brothers did what most young groups do: toured on weekends and returned home in time for school Monday morning. During those weekend trips, the quartet received so many accolades that the “Little” in their title was replaced with “Sensational.”

The first recordings by the Sensational Williams Brothers were two circa 1967–68 singles for Delta, a small Jackson, Mississippi, label. In 1972, the group got its first taste of national success when it was featured alongside the Jackson Southernaires on a Song Bird Records album called He’s My Brother. Established recording artists the Jackson Southernaires, featuring other Williams brothers Huey and Frank, had one side of the album, and the Williams Brothers the other. It was around this time that non-family member Maurice Surrell, an accomplished session drummer, joined the Williams Brothers.

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

 Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Amen Yahweh

Side 1 [20051]

Mary's Amen
Rise Up, You Christian Rebels!
Found Son

Side 2 [20052]

Sons Of Thunder
Lord, How Can I Know You?
Walk Before Me
Kingdom Of Heaven


Directed By Sister Chiara Keating
    Words & Music by [Basic Melodies] – Sister Fidelia Schelle

Coulee Recording Corp.
La Crosse, Wisconsin

From the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration website :

1849 - Foundresses travel from Bavaria to Milwaukee
Fathers Anthony Keppeler and Mathias Steiger lead 12 Third Order Secular Franciscan women and men from their parish in Ettenbeuren, Bavaria, to Milwaukee, WI, where Bishop John Martin Henni receives them into the diocese on May 28, 1849. The six women in the group, with Mother Aemiliana Dirr as their leader, are intent upon founding a religious community to spread the Gospel among German immigrants, especially through educating children and caring for people who are disadvantaged.
Coulee was a '60s record label based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Owned by Bill Grafft, who also ran the Boom, Knight, Column, Lindy and Transaction labels.

The La Crosse area is known as "Coulee Country;" in the unglaciated area of Wisconsin, "coulee" refers to a steep-sided valley.

Acknowledgments: ThriftStoreVinyl, Discogs

Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Continental Charmers


The Continental Charmers Orchestra

24167 – The Second Chance (Wr Berge G. Newman, Bryte ASCAP)
24168 - Go-Go Shake (wr Brian Millan, Bryte ASCAP

National SV-1001
Prod. by Brian Millan Music Corp.

Re-issue of their Sol Vista (hence the SV prefix) single from 1967 which
was issued with a picture sleeve (below)

Canadian vocal and instrumental group," who use the Turkish theme, complete with costumes imported from Istanbul," as advertised by their manager, Brian Millan (Box 1322, 1250 University Ave., Montreal) when he promoted the artists on his own Sol Vista label in RPM (16 September 1967 issue).

This US release was distributed and promoted by Brite Star Promotions in 1969. [Record World, 12 April 1969]

Schoolboy Cleve (Cherrie 2400)

Schoolboy Cleve

Salute America 76
37803 ~ Don't Thread On Me (C. White, Quartz Music, ASCAP)
37804 ~ I Saw The Blues (C. White, Quartz Music, ASCAP)

Produced by Kirk C. White and Cleveland White

Cherrie Records CR 2400
56 Teresa Street, Dale City, California

Vocals & Harmonica : Schoolboy Cleve
Lead guitar : Bobby Murray
Keyboard : J. J. Malone
Bass : ?    
Drums : ?

56 Teresa Street, Dale City, home of Cherrie Records
(Google Street view 2019)

Schoolboy Cleve
(from the Ace CD album CDCHD 1471)

Blues harmonica player and singer, Schoolboy Cleve (1928–2008), born Cleveland White in East Baton Rouge Parish in Louisiana,  one of nine children. He earned his moniker when, as a child, he would ask any visiting blues musician if he could sit in with them and became so well known that when they returned to town they would ask: "where is that little schoolboy?"

He worked with Lightnin' Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, and Buddy Guy. He recorded with Lightnin' Slim in the mid-1950s, and under his own stage name for Feature and then Ace Records in 1957.

In 1960, he moved to Los Angeles, California, worked mostly outside music, recording a handful singles for Blues Connoisseur Records and his own Cherrie Records during the 1970s.

He died in Daly City, California, at the age of 82

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Lillie Bates on her own American label

Lillie Bates
Marc Lewis And The Counts

28395 -  A Man Named Wallace (Lillie Bates, Pinpoint Pub., BMI)
28396 -  Dilemma (Lillie Bates, Pinpoint Pub., BMI)

American Records
Hope, Indiana [1971]

Bringing his campaign to Columbus in "whistle stop" fashion, Alabama Gov. George Wallace will be at Bakalar Municipal airport at 1 p.m. Monday for a 1-hour rally and press conference one day before the Indiana Presidential primary voting The airport rally is to begin at 12:30 p.m. with the public invited.

"There's a man from Alabama, George Wallace is his name. In the year of 1968, he  rose to national fame. "He ran but it wasn't meant to be. He'll run again in 72, just for you and me."
  These words came to Mrs. Raleigh Bates of 624 Walnut street in Hope one morning as she was washing dishes. A fan of George Wallace since the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968, Mrs. Bates says that Governor Wallace will win' Indiana in Tuesday's primary. When George Wallace arrives at the Columbus Bakalar airport ' at 12:30 'p.m. Monday, Mrs. Bates will be there to greet him . but doubts that she will have the opportunity to sing her song for him. ." "I did sing it to him in Toledo last fall," Mrs. Bates said. "I have a letter of appreciation from him

The song, "A Man Named Wallace," has been recorded on a 45-speed' record. Mrs. Bates ; designed the nameplate on the record in red, white and blue, and titled the recording "American Records".  Mrs. Bates recalls she left the dishes in the sink and completed the words to her song in about a half-hour. She then contacted Marc Lewis, a Hope guitarist,, and with a backup group, The Counts, Mrs. Bates recorded the song in Cincinnati. There are . 4,000 copies available and interested persons may call Mrs. Bates at 546-5550 to order the record.

Expenses of the recording have amounted to about $ 1,000 ' which Mrs. Bates has paid out of her own pocket. . The second verse of Mrs. Bate's song goes: "He knows that things in ' Washington aren't going right at all, and if they aren't straightened out, we're riding for a fall.

"He believes in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. If Nixon doesn't straighten out, he'll get in there and fighter Mrs. Bates and her husband were active in setting up a Wallace headquarters in Columbus for the 1968 campaign and have been faithful supporters ever since. Mrs. Bates was dressed patriotically in red; white and blue for her interview at The Republic. She also wore a jeweled American flag pin and jeweled flag earrings. ... '. , In another verse, Mrs. Bates sings: "Now we all know Mr. Nixon and the cabinet he chose. He isn't interested in doing right, this everybody knows. He's used by the insiders, of this there is no doubt. "
From an edited article published in The Republic from Columbus, Indiana, April 29, 1972

Skip & Laura (Skaura LP)

Skip & Laura

I Believe In Music

1     I Believe In Music     
2     For The Good Times     
3     Ode To Billy Joe     
4     Yackety Sax     
5     Country Roads     
6     Toy For Tonight     

1     Proud Mary     
2     Somewhere My Love     
3     Snowbird     
4     Mr. Bojangles     
5     My Way
Label : Skaura

Recorded at the studios of Rite Records, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cover photos : Wilma Frishe;
organ - piano - celeste : gary Rossi;
drums : Dick Remmy;
recording engineer Phil Burkardt

Friday, September 17, 2021

Joyce Lowrie Shealy (LP)

How Rich I Am

How Rich I Am / Sweet Rose Of Sharon / In The Garden / I'm Not Alone / Ten Thousand Angels

Known Only To Him / Deeper And Deeper / There's No Disappointment In Jesus / Zion's Hill / I Found The Answer / Follow Me


Joyce Lowrie Shealy, a native of Canada, graduate of the University of Toronto, and Indians University, where she was a member of the voice faculty for several years, has appeared in numerous recitals and is well-known in the mid-west.  Joyce has been singing gospel songs since she was a child and has appeared as soloist on radio and TV stations both in Canada and in The United States. She taught at Emmanuel College, Franklin Springs, Georgia where she directed the college chorus together with teaching voice and piano. Currently, she is on the staff of the Abundant Life Memorial Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.  In the Fall, she and her husband, Floyd, will join the faculty of the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Accompanying herself on the piano and organ, Joyce is assisted by Bill Carver and his guitar, a professional guitarist and former country & western star with CBS network.



Marie Weland on Columbia World Of Music

 Marie Weland

34465 - You Ain't My Lover No More
34466 - Blue, Blue Baby

Wanderers Music, BMI

Engineer J. Gelinas

Columbia World Of Music
1554 Main St. W. Columbia, S.C. 29169
(803) 755-2169


Paulette Hicks & Hicks Singers

 Paulette Hicks & Hicks Singers
(written and led by Pauline Hicks & Hicks Singers)

35819 - God Keeps A Record

Paulette Hicks & Hicks Singers
(written and led by Pauline Hicks & Hicks Singers)

35820 - Wait On The Lord