Tuesday, August 30, 2022


The Alexander Family With The Happyland Trio
Far Far Away

Harp Records

A1        Far Far Way
A2        The Great Gilted Hall
A3        Give Me Faith
A4        Traveling The Highway Home
A5        Crying Holy Unto The Lord
A6        Shutin Prayer

B1        Satan Is Real
B2        Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side
B3        Preach The Gospel
B4        A Million Years In Glory
B5        Let Me Walk With You Jesus
B6        Be Careful Of Stones You Throw

Dallas Alexander with children Dallas Jr., Elsie, Ronald and Linda, age 7 does the recitation on two songs. Dallas Alexander was born in Jackson County, Kentucky. Started playing guitar at the age of 14, playing at Renfro Valley and other radio stations in Kentucky. Moved to Ohio in 1954.


The Happyland Trio : Ron Caddell of Norwood, Ohio, Albert Fox of Norwood, Ohio and Charlie Chamberlin, all born in Kentucky.

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