Monday, May 10, 2021

Dave Coe And the Swingin Countrymen

Dave Coe And the Swingin Countrymen

24729 - One Way Ticket To Nashville
Produced by Jim Horn  (tenor) Bob Deskins

24730 - A Prisoners Release
Produced by Jim Horn

Cabut Recording Co.
8 Mohician St. - Shelby, Ohio
We salute Gower Guitar, Nashville, Tenn


This is David Allan Coe's first record.

It in the 1950s while Coe was growing up in Akron. Those years found David Allan Coe in and out of trouble with the law, which led to his incarceration in Mansfield Ohio State Reformatory  It was there that Coe's musical talents began to blossom as he sang in an inmate band.

"One of the reasons I kept going back to prison was because in prison I was somebody. I was the guy who won all of the talent contests. I was the singer. Everybody knew me. I was as famous in prison as Elvis was on the streets. But when I got out on the street I was just another asshole that sang and played guitar. You've got to find somethin' to take the place of all of that."

Once he was released the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Coe moved to Shelby, where he performed as "Killer Tony Coe," "Screamin' T.," and "T. Coe and the Dynamics." But his gigs in barrooms and basements didn't pay quite enough to cover his bills.

The first time I saw a 45-record with my name on it I thought I'd made it. It was on Cabut Records. There was a blind man that had a little studio in his garage that I cut the record in. It was called A Prisoner's Release backed with A One Way Ticket To Nashville. To be able to actually see that record and hear it on the radio -- nothing has ever surpassed that feeling of having gotten out of prison and being able to do that.

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